The Strong Women of Podiatry: Leading With Heart & Mind

Special Edition

Women Leaders in Podiatry.

Celebrating the month of March 2019, “Women’s History Month”.

Our Hallux Magazine editors got a chance to interview current women leaders in podiatry to ask them about their experience in their chosen career. They asked hard-hitting questions for our readers to understand, inspire, and educate young women who may be thinking of pursuing the field of Podiatric Medicine. This Special Edition titled ‘The Strong Women of Podiatry: Leading with Heart and Mind’ focuses on bringing the voice of so many helpful leaders in our field.

We thank our editors Elizabeth Ansert, Cindy Duong, and Yuna Farah for this special edition. Cover art by Miranda Goransson.  This includes 7 interviews. Click on a name below to discover about each fellowship program.

The Strong Women of Podiatry

Leading With Heart & Mind

Dr. Patricia Nicholas

Dr. Vilayvanh Saysokha

Dr. Jennifer Spector

Dr. Priya Parthasarathy

Dr. Jane Andersen

Dr. Elizabeth Sanders

Dr. Sabrina Minhas

The Strong Women of Podiatry

Leading With Heart & Mind

Special Edition

The Strong Women of Pod

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