Book: 101 Ways to Flop in Podiatry School

101 Ways to Flop in Podiatry School:  A Guide for the 1st Year Podiatry Medical Student

by Zehra Kazmi & Roberto De Los Santos

Available to purchase paperback on Amazon or read it instantly on Kindle.

In this first year podiatry school self-help guide, two students show us key insight into the exciting world of a first-year podiatry medical student. The authors bring in their wisdom to this profound book with personal stories and helpful advice to incoming pre-podiatry students. All other books talk about what you should be doing in school, but nobody really has stopped to talk about what you SHOULDN’T be doing.


by Fun Little Book: I found out about this book through a friend. I’m a 1st year student and it helped answer a lot of my questions. I think it’s even good for 2nd and 3rd years because a lot of the points talk about rotations/clerkship/interviews.

by Knowledge is Power!: This was a great read and will help out with anyone wanting to go into podiatry

by Guerner: Short, sweet, funny, and to the point. I got some great tips from this book before starting school. Pretty thin book but a good read overall.

101 ways to flop in podiatry school