Meet our New Team! Help Congratulate the leaders for the 2019 – 2020 Cycle

Welcome to the PrePodLife Family!

Your thoughtful application and remarkable accomplishments convinced us that you have the energy, imagination, and talent to flourish with our team. Among the applications we read, your distinguished record of academic excellence and personal achievement stood out. We are thrilled to welcome you to the PrePodiatryLife & Hallux Magazine community and look forward to the unique and extraordinary contributions we know you will make to the life of our online sites.

Leadership 2019 – 2020

Chief Editor of Hallux Magazine: Rafay, TUSPM 2020
Chief Editor of Hallux Magazine: Mariam, CSPM 2021
Chief Editor of PrePodLife: Alexandra, CSPM 2023
Chief Editor of PrePodStudy: Yuna, KSCPM 2020
Chief Editor of PrePodStudy: Samantha, WUSPM 2020
Chief Editor of PrePodStudy: Elizabeth, BUSPM 2019
Chief Editor of PrePodClinic101: Cindy, TUSPM 2021
Chief Editor of PrePodClinic101: Salem, WUSPM
Chief Editor of PrePodClinic101: Tien, WUSPM
Promotions Director: Shannon, KSCPM
Media Director: Greg, KSCPM 2021
Scholarship Director: Zara, DMUPM 2020
Projects Manager of Hallux Magazine: Elizabeth, BUSPM 2019
Senior Editor: Hans, WUSPM 2020
Senior Editor: Jacob, WUSPM 2020
Senior Editor: Michael, TUSPM 2020
Senior Editor: Nadia, DMU 2020
Senior Editor: Vanisaben, BUSPM 2020
Editor: Brooke, TUSPM 2021
Editor: Sai, TUSPM 2021
Editor: Phi, TUSPM 2021
Editor: Vannhi, TUSPM 2021
Editor: Diksha, CSPM 2022
Editor: Salem, WUSPM 2021
Editor: Yona, CSPM 2022
Editor: Janae, WUSPM 2021
Editor: Andrew, CSPM 2022
Editor: Marisa, TUSPM 2021
Editor: Paul, CSPM 2021
Editor: Alexandra, TUSPM 2022
Editor: Mary, AZPOD 2022
Editor: Tiffany, BUSPM 2021
Editor: Hector, BUSPM 2021
Editor: Ana, BUSPM 2021
Delegate: Marika, BUSPM 2021
Delegate: Anooshay, Scholl 2022
Delegate: Mary, AZPOD 2022
Delegate: Alexandra, TUSPM 2022
Delegate: Greg, KSCPM 2021
Delegate: Marika, BUSPM 2021
Delegate: Nicole, WUSPM 2022
Delegate: Diksha, CSPM 2022
Photojournalist: Phi, TUSPM 2021
Photojournalist: Jacob, WUSPM 2020
Photojournalist: Yona, CSPM 2022
Photojournalist: Janae, WUSPM 2021
Photojournalist: Nicole, WUSPM 2022
Photojournalist: Marika, BUSPM 2021