Meet our Chief Editors for Hallux Magazine 2019-2020

Rafay & Mariam, your Chief Editors of Hallux Magazine 2019-2020

Rafay, Chief Editor

Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine
Hobbies: Following/playing sports (basketball, baseball, football, tennis, cricket), community service and volunteering

Why did you choose Podiatry?
I decided to pursue the profession of podiatry due to the ability to directly impact the quality of lives of people from various backgrounds using a hands-on approach and the versatility of treatment modalities

Mariam, Chief Editor

California School of Podiatric Medicine
Hobbies: Most of my hobbies include spending time with friends and family or jogging outside.

Why did you choose Podiatry? Being born in a medically underserved country where access to healthcare and education was scarce, I understood the importance of delivering proper healthcare to the vulnerable populations.