Hello, Burnout: Special Edition

Why is there an increase in suicidal rates in residency?

For decades, the podiatric profession did not appear particularly concerned with the topic of burnout, and podiatric processionals have been excluded from all large-scale survey-based research studies conducted on burnout across a number of medical specialties. In recent years, however, the phenomenon has continued to gain increasing recognition and concern from major podiatric medical societies. This special edition titled “Hello, Burnout” takes a look at the emotional topics of anxiety, depression, and maintaining motivation.


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Part I:  Hello, Burnout – Dr. Calvin Rushing 

Burnout: Its Disastrous Effect on Providers & Patients

Part II:  Hello, Burnout – Dr. Joel Robinson 

Part III: Hello, Anxiety – Anonymous Interview 

Part IV: Hello, Depression – Dr. Dini & Dr. Starrett

Motivation: Finding Motivation in Residency

Part V: Hello, Motivation – Dr. Siddiqui 

Part VI: Hello, Motivation – Dr. Rimawi



Hello, Burnout

Special Edition

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