Rite of Passage 2019 @ BUSPM

Rite of Passage 2019: White Coat Ceremony

Barry University’s “Rite of Passage 2019” marked a significant milestone in the journey of a total of fifty-one, 3rd-year Podiatric Medical Students. This is the time when Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine (BUSPM) class of 2021 earned their “white coats”. This ceremony commemorated the transition from didactics to clinical.  At BUSPM, students work for two years to “earn the rights” to their white coat. It is a long-standing tradition for medical students to receive their white coats at the beginning of medical school. Barry University is one of the few schools that reserve the white coat until the student’s 3rd year of medical school.

Two students who want to remain anonymous was asked, “How does it feel to finally get your white coat?”, one student stated,

“I was disappointed at first not getting my white coat in my first year of Medical school, but today I am over-joyed! I worked really hard for the past two years, and this is my reward.”

Another student stated,

“It was worth the wait. My white coat has more meaning now. I’ve worked hard for it. I earned it.”



by Marika

School: Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine

Rite of Passage 2019


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