Advice to 1st years: Staying Motivated

by Phi Huynh.

How do you keep yourself motivated during medical school during tough times? What advice would you give to an entering 1st-year podiatry student?

There were occasions when I felt like giving up.

During the first semester of my first year at TUSPM, I struggled to keep myself motivated at times to continue studying. There were occasions when I felt like giving up. Fortunately, by the second semester, I found a close group of trustworthy friends/classmates who helped me study, stay motivated, and foster my love for podiatry. My grades improved drastically, especially in my second year. During this time, one of those close friends became my fiancée, and we now have big plans for our future in podiatry.

I now feel blessed and happier than ever.

My advice to 1st-year podiatry students for sustaining motivation would be to find a close group of friends to study and hang out with. It is important to have true friends that will support you when you feel down. Also, it would be beneficial to partake in activities that would bring you happiness and relaxation. This includes having hobbies and/or finding a loving partner. For me, exercise, boxing, listening to 60s,70s,80s,90s music, and playing the guitar provides that outlet for catharsis.

Finding a source of happiness and having outlets for emotional and physical release are beneficial in refreshing your mind and your love for podiatry.


by Phi Huynh.

School: Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine

Clinical Experience: Early Learning Curve

Student, Lifestyle, Clinical experience

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