Podiatry Student Life: Experiences, Challenges, and Motivation

by Tiffany Cerda.

What is your most meaningful community service experience or clinical experience to date?  

My most meaningful community service experience was this past spring break which I spent as an “alternative spring break.” I went on a medical mission trip with Jose’s Hands and OTTOM to the Dominican Republic where we provided care to over four hundred patients. My parents emigrated from the Dominican Republic years ago, but they always try and find a way to give back to their roots. This mission trip was very dear to me, seeing as I could physically touch over four hundred patients and provide care for them. In preparations for the mission trip I raised money to bring items to give. I prepared over four hundred bags that included toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks, shoelaces, over the counter medicines, personal hygiene items and much more. 

What has been your biggest challenge while attending podiatry medical school? What have you learned as a result? 

My biggest challenge to date while attending podiatry medical school has been time management. I try and do well in my studies but I also enjoy helping others whether it’s classmates or the community. I have learned how to have better time management and to prioritize my obligations. In the end, everything gets done.

How do you keep yourself motivated during medical school during tough times? What advice would you give to an entering 1st-year podiatry student?

During tough times, I reflect on where I started and how far I have personally come. I would advise incoming 1st-year students to enjoy the process, try their best and to remember that they have come so far.

Staying positive!


by Tiffany Cerda.

School: Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine

Experiences, Challenges, & Motivation

Student, Lifestyle, Clinical experience, Motivation

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