My Focus: Motivation as a 1st-year student

by  Andrew Rasiah.

I have recently completed my first year of podiatry school and it has already posed a series of challenges for me. There were moments during the past year when I felt that I would not succeed and had doubts that this may not be the career for me. It was during these times that I found exercise and my community to maintain my motivation. These two outlets are what I would strongly recommend incoming first-year students to spend some time focusing on.

When I feel burnt out from studying, I immediately stop and take a break. My breaks usually involve going on a walk or heading to the gym for an intense workout. I can sense my thoughts clearing while I’m moving around. Being able to feel the results of exercising on my health reminds me that all my hours of studying will benefit me in the long run. I would recommend that first-year podiatry students set aside time for some type of physical activity. Exercise has always been a source of stress relief for me; I know it can be for other students.

Once I have exercised and released some stress, I begin to think about the reasons I chose podiatry and why I am in school. I try to look back on my previous experiences of shadowing podiatrists who make a difference in their patients’ lives. I then imagine myself in the future making a similar impact but in my own unique way. Sometimes, it was hard for me to see that vision and I needed my community to help me. From a quick pep talk over the phone to meeting up for a meal, my friends and family have always made themselves available to me. They have helped me solve countless problems and have given me sage advice. First-year podiatry students should rely on a support system of people who genuinely care about them. It can be a challenge to keep in touch with these people during the year, but they are vital to navigating the journey through podiatry school.

My motivation during my first year of podiatry school had its peaks and valleys and there is no doubt that this will continue as I progress further in my education. Regular physical activity and a strong support system have helped me stay motivated, which is why I would strongly recommend incoming first-year students spend time focusing on each. Exercise may seem like a waste of time when there are club meetings and volunteer opportunities, but clearing your mind will keep you focused when you sit down to study. Spending time talking with friends and family may appear to be a distraction from studying for upcoming exams, but will keep you motivated to conquer the tasks ahead. These are the activities that helped me stay motivated and succeed, and I would urge new students to consistently find and protect the time for each.

by  Andrew Rasiah.
School: California School of Podiatric Medicine

My Focus: Motivation as a 1st Year student

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