the residents: Vol 1

What is it like to be a Podiatry Resident?

Podiatry is an ever-growing field with a growing number of interests among college students, and applicants in the U.S. After completing  4-years of Podiatry Medical School, students go on to the next chapter of their life called “Residency”, which is a clinical and surgical training of the foot and ankle. “Residency” encompasses 3 (or 4) years of hands-on surgical training on elective, emergent, or trauma cases. We asked the same question to first, second, and third-year residents in an attempt to see the growth in wisdom and experience for each answer.


Authors: Tiffany Cerda, William Bui Tran, Hector Santi, Elizabeth Ansert, and Roberto De Los Santos

A look at the lifestyle, course work, and work experience of current Podiatry Residents. 


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I: Dr. Nguyen, PGY I

II: Dr. Dalal, PGY II

III: Dr. Kamel, PGY III

IV:Dr. Cohen, PGY II

V: Dr. Vinogradov, PGY I

VI: Dr. Knabel, PGY III

VII: Dr. Grigoropoulos, PGY III

VIII: Dr. Patel, PGY I

IV: Dr. Rustia, PGY I

X: Dr. Stoupine, PGY I    

The Residents - Special Edition

the residents

Special Edition

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