Marketing Yourself: Special Edition

It’s that time of year again where you are about to start submitting applications for your 4th-year interviews. So many questions rush to your mind like, what should I put on my resume? Am I including too much? or too little? Should I include things outside of podiatry on my resume? How far back should I include in my work experience? We have all been there. Our student editors interviewed students, residents, and directors to answer the big main questions…

How Can I Stand Out From The Rest?

How Should I Market Myself?

Enjoy the following interviews to gain knowledge when you are applying for residency interviews. A special thanks to all our student leaders who asked the tough questions to bring the most optimal informative information for students to read and learn.

Authors: William Bui Tran Marika Jackson, Elizabeth Ansert, Roberto De Los Santos



Marketing Yourself

Special Edition, Residency, Interviews

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