Stegmann Clogs: The Best for Medical Students on the Go!

It’s no secret, medical students are constantly working day-in and day-out for long hours in clinic or in the hospital by standing, running, and pacing through the workday. As future doctors, you want a shoe that is comfortable, high quality, easy to slip-on, and consistent for your daily routine.

Your foot is made up of 26 bones; they work to provide the stability and structure needed to get you moving. Your feet are subject to constant stress and strain every day, wouldn’t you want to invest in the best quality for your foot health? Get yourself a well fitting and supportive shoe gear, and that is exactly what Stegmann shoes provide! 

The Design

Stegmann clogs have a design that supports the natural arch form of the foot. It places the foot in a neutral subtalar joint position to prevent stain on the plantar fascia. In addition, its heel support and light weight allows for good absorption at the heel. Not to mention  its design showcases a proper wide toe box; it is an excellent feature that helps relax the digits and prevents any discomfort, as seen in other shoes. 

Stegmann has been able to create a long-lasting fitting shoe for many years. Even well known podiatrists such as Dr. Bradley from TLC’s “My Feet are Killing Me” have been known to wear a pair of EcoWool Clogs from Stegmann. You can see what he said about the shoes in this article. 

The Message

Besides their great quality shoe, they are a caring supportive organization. They have a high priority to quality and commitment to comfort. They resource their wool from local farmers as part of their Species Preservation Initiative. Style, support, and care for the environment – what more do you want!

Love what you read so far? Visit to learn more about this great brand, support local wool farmers, and slip into a great clog shoe!