By: Suzanne Currey, MS-2.

Suzanne Currey is a second-year medical student at Arizona College of Podiatric Medicine. She is currently a mentor for PrePodiatryLife/Hallux Magazine.

Applying to podiatry school can be stressful, but it is also one of the best experiences of your life. You have worked so hard to get to this point, from your undergraduate career with countless hours of volunteering, research, and shadowing to the MCAT and through the entire application process. Now that you have applied, the next big part of getting into podiatry school is the interview.

Here are some helpful tips for your upcoming interview:

The moment you get that interview invitation, you need to start planning. First things first, you will want to check the school’s website to see how their interview process works. Is it a traditional interview or will it be with a group? Is the interview early in the day or later on? Once you have an idea of how the process works, you will want to prepare for the interview itself. There are many ways you can do this—from signing up for a mock interview at your undergraduate campus to researching what previous interviewees have said. It is a great idea to practice answering questions like “why podiatry?”, “why this school?”, and “what are your hobbies?”, but don’t get carried away with it—you don’t want to sound like a robot, you want to be prepared but also natural. Lastly, you want to form a schedule for the day of the interview. Make sure that you set an alarm, saving plenty of time to get ready and eat breakfast. A few days before, you will want to check traffic at the time you need to leave. I highly recommend you arrive to your interview at least fifteen minutes early. That way you have time to check in and relax!

It is a great idea to practice answering questions like “why podiatry?”, “why this school?”, and “what are your hobbies?”

Dressing professionally seems like common sense, but it still needs to be said. A couple days before your interview, determine what you want to wear. This will make it easier to get ready in the morning. Besides time, it also gives you an opportunity to iron your slacks, skirt, dress, collared shirt, or suit jacket. One thing that will make you stand out is wearing something that is appropriate, but also shows your personality—for men, wear your favorite tie and women can always accessorize with their special jewelry.

The third and most important tip that anyone could give you is…BE YOURSELF! The interview is going to go by in a blink of the eye, so you want to make sure the interviewers get an idea of who the real you is. Think about it, they offered you this interview, this is their opportunity to get to know you and see if you are the right fit for their program. So, right before you walk into that interview room, take a deep breath, and go in there and talk to your new allies!

The third and most important tip that anyone could give you is…BE YOURSELF!

Now the interview is over, but you still have one more thing to do! You want to show your appreciation to the school by sending them a thank-you email.

Whether you have wanted to be a doctor your whole life (like me) or a life-changing experience in the medical field pointed you in that direction, you are almost there. Just put your right foot forward and know that you can do this!

Suzanne Currey, MS-2

By Suzanne Currey, MS-2

School: Arizona College of Podiatric Medicine

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