The Residents: “My residency started out in the Emergency Department”

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My residency started out in the Emergency Department.

It consisted of a lot of night shifts and saw some of the scariest things I’ve ever seen.

I think it was my second or third day when I experienced a big case. I remember an ambulance brought in a 28-year-old (my age) patient with a Lucas CPR machine attached into the Emergency Room.

I will never forget…

the machine pumping in his chest to try and save his life.

Seeing death firsthand is incredibly scary no matter what specialty you are in.

But that wasn’t my only experience seeing something memorable.

In addition, the main hospital has a big psychiatry department. I remember one night the emergency doctor picked up a patient in one of the psychiatry rooms. The patient was very physical with the staff that the patient actually had to be put into an isolated room. The patient had to be placed in a room with an outside door lock because he was being so aggressive. I can still vividly remember see him banging on the door with multiple nurses and medical personnel just watching. I had honestly never seen anything like it, and it was terrifying.

I think residency is all around scary. Transitioning from a student to doctor is terrifying. You are trying to take care of patients, but at the same time trying to avoid getting nervous so you don’t mess up. You are always wondering

“Am I going to be a good enough as a doctor?”.

It’s scary learning about yourself and your actual strengths and weaknesses, not just ones you made up for interviews.

Residency is a scary and rewarding experience, and I think each situation has made me a more empathic, hardworking doctor.

Story by Dr. K.D.

All our authors names have been kept anonymous for this special edition. We hope you enjoy these great stories by podiatry residents.

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