The Residents: Vol 2

In an ever changing world, medicine is filled with complex, fascinating, memorable, and unique stories. Podiatry residents especially see some life changing and rare cases thought their learning experience. With this in mind “The Residents – Vol 2” seek to answer one simple question:

What is the SCARIEST thing you have seen in residency?

Here we present just a few stories. You’ll meet a first year resident diagnose a rare disease. A second year resident receive a page in the middle of the night. A young resident unveil a scary image after a dressing change. This is just a few collection of stories submitted by residents on their unforgettable and SCARY experiences. All of our authors names have been kept private and anonymous for their protection. We hope you enjoy this collection of stories for the theme of Halloween in October, Hallux Magazine would like to bring you “The Residents – Vol 2“.


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  1. “It was a dark night three years ago, during the first year of my residency.” -Dr. BS
  2. “I was covering my first wound care clinic” -Dr. MJK
  3. “My residency started out in the Emergency Department.” -Dr. KB
  4. “The phone call we received during my second year…” -Dr. SV
  5. “My first day in a wound care center… -Dr. IA
  6. “It’s a Crazy Morning for Podiatry Today…” -Dr. RD
  7. “…and the Drill went Through the Bottom of the Foot” -Dr. Grey (anonymous)
  8. “Almost every Podiatric Inpatient Service has their Classic Diabetic Foot Ulcer Patient…” -Dr. ES
  9. “Initially, Everything in the Case was Going Well…” -Dr. Seuss (anonymous)
  10. “Oh, it’s a Bone Biopsy. How hard can this be?” -Dr.House (anonymous)
  11. “In my Mind, I was Freaking Out and Scared, this Patient could Die…” -Dr. Artsy
  12. “His Arms were Stretched Out, for sure I Thought he was Going to Grab Me!” -Dr. H