The Impact of Medical Missions: Special Edition

For an underserved or under represented group of people in a poor community, medical mission served as a reminder that there are those of us who still care about their tragic experiences. As individuals, we plant hope to shows them that all things are not permanent and that kindness from medical staff does make a difference.

Approximately 2 billion people around the world (according to the World Health Organization), don’t have access to medication or medical supplies. Even more shocking, millions of people suffer or die from illnesses that could be easily treated initially.

In this specials edition we focus on personal experiences from students, doctors, surgeons, and medical staff to highlight their knowledge and growth from participating in a medical mission trip, and be an eye-opening read for our viewers.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Ansert, Diksha Mohapatra, and Roberto De Los Santos for this Special Edition titled The Impact of Medical Missions.



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