Medical Missions: Erica’s travel to Uganda, Africa

Erica Rogers is a nurse who attended a medical mission trip set up by The Braveheart Foundation to travel to Uganda Africa. Interview by Elizabeth Ansert

Q1: Why was this organization started?

Erica Rogers is a nurse in New Orleans, LA. While she loves her job, she knew she wanted to help others outside of the hospital. She went on a medical mission to Uganda, Africa in 2014. It was here that she fell in love with the people of this country and found her calling for helping this underserved population with healthcare needs through local and international doctors and nurses. 

The Braveheart Foundation was established as humanitarian aid and relief organization with a mission to provide resources for healthcare development in communities around the world. Not only does the Braveheart Foundation provide medical services, treatments, and supplies, but it also recruits qualified medical team members for clinical care. 

Q2: What have you personally gained from participating in these missions?

For me, I have gained a sense of fulfillment. 

The Braveheart Foundation has allowed me to answer what I feel is my calling. I feel deep connection and compassion with the people we have served, those I continue to work with, and the efforts we are making now. Each visit gives me a deeper sense of gratification and I love to immerse myself in the culture of such a beautiful and vibrant population. I have a love and passion for serving all of mankind, but a special interest and passion for the development of healthcare in Uganda and other areas of Africa. Also, my life’s passion is to help others achieve their purpose and calling in mission work as I have. When I see others getting to serve the people of Uganda and fulfilling their medical mission goals, it just makes me appreciate the volunteers and the mission so much more. 

Q3: What do you think other volunteers have gained from the trips?

I believe that the other volunteers have gotten to see what a great difference they can make for people in underserved populations, and this rejuvenates their spirit and enthusiasm for their fields of practice. 

Healthcare providers can often be burnt out from working in the same space day-in and day-out. By going on this medical mission, it reminds them why they got into the medical field in the first place. The patients at the medical mission clinics are so grateful for any help they receive; volunteers are able to see and feel the difference they can make in the lives of these patients. I have had many of the volunteers share stories with me of their experiences on the trip, and they often share reflections on how rewarding this work is. 

Q4: What are some of your future goals?

Ms. Rogers and the Braveheart Foundation plan to expand in regard to the number of specialties involved in the trips, as well as building a permanent Braveheart Mission clinic in Uganda. The clinic will specialize in malaria research and treatment. 

Ms. Rogers has also had ambitions of obtaining operating room time for some specialties. This would allow for certain specialties of medicine or patients that need more immediate or intensive care to get the medical attention they need. 

If anyone is interested in participating in a medical mission with the Braveheart Foundation, please visit their website at to found out more information. 

Interview by Elizabeth Ansert