Best Resources and Tips to Study Pathology | Medical School

Finding Success in #Pathology

😳 Did pathology ever seem daunting to you? Well, we’ve been there and felt that

😅On our first week, we remember opening up the PowerPoint slides, scanning the first few bullet points, glancing at practice questions, and immediately panicking.

💪🏽We are starting the New Years right by sharing a resources and tips video in aiding students to do well in pathology!

🤓 We received positive feedback from so many students who found our video on studying pharmacology helpful and were requested to continue making videos for other subjects that give students difficulty.

🦾 In today’s video, Yona shares his top five resources and tips that he believes could help make a difference in tackling the intimidating class of pathology! If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to reach out to us! Let us know what other classes you would like to see videos for!