ACPM: Arizona College of Podiatric Medicine

Motto Educating Tomorrow’s Healthcare Team
Established date 1900
Current President Kathleen H. Goeppinger, Ph.D
Podiatry Dean Jensen
Students per class 40
Location Glendale, Arizona Downers Grove, Illinois
Colors Blue


Midwestern University is a private graduate professional and medical school. The main  campus  is in Downers Grove, Illinois and an additional campus housing the Arizona College of  Podiatric Medicine in Glendale, Arizona (1). Midwestern has been dedicated to educating and  preparing tomorrow’s healthcare team since its founding in 1900 by J. Martin Littlejohn, Ph.D.,  D.O., M.D (2).  


Midwestern offers a wide variety of clubs and organizations. From cycling club to journal club,  there are endless opportunities for student involvement. During the fall season of second year, the Arizona College of  Podiatric Medicine offers an opportunity for friends and family to celebrate the students’  decision to be the future of healthcare with a white coat ceremony. During the ceremony,  students pledge to uphold the values of a healthcare provider. The Arizona College of Podiatric  Medicine enrolls 40 students per class, allowing ample opportunity to build relationships with  faculty (3). 

Adapting to Covid: In light of COVID-19, Midwestern has taken numerous precautions to protect  students, faculty, and staff. Classes look different this year, with lectures moved online, written  exams provided on lockdown browsers, and only essential labs held in-person. Social  distancing and masks are strictly enforced on campus and during in-person labs. Students and  faculty maintain communication using Zoom, WebEx, and other platforms.  


Midwestern University offers degrees in over ten health science-related fields (1). This diversity  allows for a unique interprofessional dynamic that prepares graduates for today’s encouraged  multidisciplinary care patterns (2). The Arizona College of Podiatric Medicine is a four-year  program, which upon completion earns graduates the title of Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (3).  The first two years consist of basic sciences taken with osteopathic medical students. This  includes courses such as anatomy with cadaver labs, physiology, and pharmacology.  Professionalism and compassion are further developed in students during the numerous  volunteer opportunities available through the Arizona College of Podiatric Medicine. The final  two years consist of clinical rotations that provide students with essential hands-on skills  needed for residency. 

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