Midwestern University: Dean Jensen

Midwestern Dean Jensen Q&A. Interview by Ashlee Starr Class of 2023 at Midwestern University.

Q1.What made you choose Podiatry?
Our family had a podiatrist in Madison, WI. He had a surgical practice and was a sports medicine specialist. He made custom orthotics for runners from all over the country who were training for marathons yet were experiencing foot and knee pain. After shadowing him in the office and the hospital, I made my decision to go into podiatry.

Q2.What got you interested in becoming a Dean of Students?
I enjoyed training residents after co-founding the Podiatric Medicine and Surgical Residency Program at North Colorado Medical Center. I also enjoyed working with students from all podiatry schools as the Externship/Clerkship Director for 10 years. It was a natural extension to apply for a Dean position. In 2010, I became the Dean at Barry University and was later recruited to Midwestern University in 2017. I enjoy helping students understand how to get the most out of their education and residency training. I am very proud of our students and residents that have become successful leaders in our profession!

Q3.What were you doing before this position?
I was in private practice at Rose Medical Center in Denver, CO for 17 years and developed a large clinical research program involving patients with chronic wounds. I also founded a medical device company that applied for research grants from the National Institutes of Health and Department of Defense in the areas of wound care, orthopedics, and infectious disease. The end result was the development of the “TCC-EZ Casting System” that is used throughout the world to treat diabetic foot ulcers.

Q4.What do you love about Midwestern?
I love the students – it is refreshing to be with young, smart, motivated men and women. They are on a mission to become great doctors and they are future leaders in our profession. I also love the camaraderie and professional interaction with faculty and administration.

Q5.What do you like doing in your free time?
As crazy as this sounds, I like to write research grants and work on professional projects. When time permits, I enjoy hiking, fishing, and competitive shotgun shooting.

Q6.What qualities do you see in successful Midwestern Podiatric Medical students?
Word association: professional, driven, compassionate.

Q7.What are your plans and goals for the Arizona College of Podiatric Medicine?
Our primary goal is to prepare our students to go to the top surgical residency programs in the country. We strive to recruit the top students entering our profession. Our distinguished faculty deliver tremendous educational opportunities in the basic sciences, general medicine, podiatric medicine, podiatric surgery and biomechanics. Our new Podiatric Medicine Learning Center has enabled many educational opportunities with the Power Instrumentation Lab and Gait Analysis Lab. We also offer student research opportunities that will give them a competitive advantage when competing for the top residency programs in the country. By obtaining the top residency programs, these students will be on the path to become future leaders in the profession.

Q8.What advice do you have for a student about to enter classes at Midwestern?
If you are a new first year at AZCPM, we are confident you will be academically successful. With that in mind, don’t fall behind. If you fall behind it’s like running on a treadmill that gets faster and elevates at the same time.

Interview by Ashlee Starr Class of 2023 at Midwestern University.