Temple University: Dean Moore

Dr. Joshua Moore, DPM FACFAS is currently Assistant Dean, Educational Affairs and Clinical associate, Department of Surgery at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine. The interview was conducted by Priyal Patel, Class of 2023.

Q1: What made you choose Podiatry?
A: I chose podiatry for the diversity of the profession from surgery to clinical procedures, large reconstructions to minor soft tissue mass removals.

Q2: What got you interested in becoming a Dean of Students?
A: I always have wanted to lead and held numerous leadership roles throughout my life. Student and profession advancement have always been at the forefront for me and when given the opportunity I knew I had a great opportunity to change not only TUSPM, but the profession as a whole through the education of our students and future doctors.

Q3: How long have you been a Dean?
A: What were you doing before this position? 6 years and prior I was an Assistant Professor of Surgery to which I still hold my role in the department of Surgery as a Clinical Associate Professor. I love surgery and will always remain active in the clinic and operating room no matter what role I may hold administratively.

Q4: What do you love about Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine and the city of Philadelphia so much?
A: Philadelphia is a great city with so much diversity and culture and that is identifiable in our richly diverse faculty, staff and student population. I learn something new every day at TUSPM and in the city of Philadelphia.

Q5: What is the key to an effective department in your Podiatric Medical School?
A: The key to being effective is having a plan/vision/mission/goals and being able to listen, discuss and collaborate effectively with others to implement what is needed to be effective.

Q6: What are your plans or goals for the coming years?
A: My plans/goals are to continue to study not only our field of work, but the needs of physicians and students in today’s ever-changing demographic and world, and assure the profession continues to grow and not become stagnant or antiquated.

Q7: What advice do you have for a student about to enter classes at your school?
A: Work hard and if you think you are working hard, work harder. Medicine isn’t easy and to be a good and successful physician you need to earn the degree every day of your life. Never end a day without having learned something better or new.

Interview was conducted by Priyal Patel, Class of 2023, TUSPM.