The purpose of this website is to educate students pursuing admission into a Podiatric medical school in the U.S. The audience of  is geared towards high school students, college students, and pre-podiatry students.

This website features relevant information about the profession, advice given by current podiatry students, a helpful step-by-step roadmap for the admission process, and a question & answer section most commonly asked by previous students. This is the first website to offer a simplified, web-based friendly layout with significant information for pre-health students interested in the field of Podiatry. 

In the U.S., a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine or D.P.M. spends several rigorous years of study, including podiatric medical school and residency, to become a specialist in proper foot care. This website invites you to take a glimpse at what it means to take the journey of becoming a podiatrist.