New York College: Dean Lee

This interview is with Lisa K. Lee who is the current Dean of Student Services & Enrollment Management at New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Interview by Ksenja Llazar.

 Q1. What made you join NYCPM?

I joined NYCPM as a recruiter to bring a more diverse student population to the College in 2001.  Since them, I have come to know the profession well.  Even within the past 20 years, the profession has grown so much with increasing opportunities for graduates and future students.

Q2. What got you interested in becoming a Dean of Students? 

Having started in admissions, I was always a little sad to get to know the students well during the admissions process and then having to hand the students over to Student Services once they matriculated.  In this position, as Dean of Student Services and Enrollment Management, I get to see the growth of the student from admission to graduation which has been fulfilling.

Q3. How long have you been a Dean? What were you doing before this position?

I started out as an Assistant Director of Admissions in 2001 and continued as Director of Admissions. After that, I became the Assistant Dean of Admissions and Students Services.  Since becoming the Dean of Student Services and Enrollment Management, the current Admissions changed to Enrollment Management.  I have been serving in my current role around 5 years now.

Q4. What do you love about NYCPM or NYC so much?

What I love most is the NYCPM community.  We have a close knit community which allows for relationships between students, faculty, administration and staff.  Also, the rich clinical opportunities available to our students not just through the various hospital/clinic rotations but by default the diverse community our students get to work with by being in NYC.  

Q5. What is the key to an effective department in your Podiatric Medical School? 

I think the key to our department and college is the constant feedback we encourage from our students, and the ability to make effective changes quickly based on the feedback.

Q6. What are your plans or goals for the coming years? 

The College has a lot exciting additions in the coming years with our new upcoming affiliations such as Touro College and University System, as well as the New York Medical College.  Already we are making new changes and plans based on the rich resources this partnership will bring.

Q7. What advice do you have for a student about to enter classes at your school? 

All NYCPM students were admitted with the confidence that they will be able to succeed by the Admissions Committee. I truly believe the key to success is to maintain your motivation and develop effective time management skills.  Strong time management skills allow a student to maintain their studies but also to make time for community service, extra-curricular and leadership opportunities which helps in maintaining their motivation for the profession.  Another important key is one’s wellness. It’s important for students to remember to take care of themselves spiritually and physically.

Interview by Ksenja Llazar from New York College of Podiatric Medicine.