Maria Love: Research Experience

What extracurricular activities have you been involved with during your time in school? How has it made an impact on your life and in the community?

I have been involved in a unique variety of extracurricular activities, demonstrating my
commitment and drive, over the past several years. I have been involved in undergraduate scientific research since my freshman year in 2012. I have also been a member of Chi Omega fraternity since 2012, where I helped raise over $40,000 for Make A Wish Foundation. This has made a lasting impact in the community as I have dedicated many hours to publish 6 papers, thus far and have helped fulfill the wishes of sick patients.

This research experience has made an impact in my life by enabling me to contribute medical and academic advancements to humanity. During this year, I have also started the internship program for Save the Cord Foundation (, a nonprofit 501©3 foundation. So far I have contributed over 5000 hours to the foundation as the Director of Education and Advocacy Interns and cord blood advocate for the AZ Dept. of Health, Arizona Public Cord Blood Program, and the Arizona BioMedical Research Centre. The state of Arizona has a very diverse minority population and currently individuals of ethnic minority are underrepresented on our nation’s cord blood inventory. Thus, it often proves difficult to find a cord blood unit for transplants. This has had a positive impact on my community, as the Arizona Public Cord Blood Program has collected over 4000 units of umbilical cord blood for the National Cord Blood Inventory. My role in this organization was to organize and develop a University based Cord Blood Internship Program comprised of students from the University of Arizona, ASU, NAU and Grand Canyon University. These students learned about the medical benefits of cord blood and act as cord blood ambassadors to the student and university community. I was also responsible for the creation of the entire internship organization, as well as implementing all the business, education, science, and social aspects of the group. The program is part of an innovative statewide platform to advance cord blood education to expectant parents, students, and the public by following the AZ Bio Roadmap to educate the next generation of AZ youth and students. It also advances the statewide cord blood donation program and contributes to research at the University of Arizona, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University. Moreso, the program brings cellular, bio and pharmaceutical businesses to Arizona.

This research experience has made an impact in my life by enabling me to contribute medical and academic advancements to humanity.

The research I have conducted in my post-secondary education and this incredible program has made a huge impact on my life, personal growth, and development. I feel I have developed incredible leadership, interpersonal, and presentation skills as a result of my involvement. These unique extracurricular activities have allowed me to become a great mentor, learn leadership and communication skills, and have prepared me to be an outstanding, unique physician.

Maria Love
Arizona College of Podiatric Medicine, Class of 2024