Grenada Health Aid Org.

What extracurricular activities have you been involved with during your time in school? How has it made an impact on your life and in the community?

I have been volunteering my time to grasp as much knowledge as I can that I can apply to my career in podiatric medicine. I have helped promote churches and community healthcare organizations on issues ranging from diabetic self-care management to cardiovascular risks via health fairs and social media platforms. As a volunteer with the Grenada Health Aid Organization (GHAO) I helped to coordinate the Grenada Cares health program which seeks to remove health disparities in the NYC Caribbean community where there are prevalent comorbidities such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. We offer blood pressure screening, health wellness, and blood glucose checks to those in the community. GHAO also coordinates an annual mission trip to help send supplies to the island of Grenada to aid rural communities in need. Typical items that are sent include gauze, bandages, glucose monitors, blood pressure machines/cuffs, and the biggest accomplishment was being able to send a wound vacuum to the hospital to help treat those suffering from difficult healing ulcers.

Studying podiatry will enable me to be successful in managing the incorporation of new healthcare delivery systems, technological advances, and the increased focus on preventative care. I intend to develop and expand programs for systematic research, preventative medicine, and, community health.

I intend to develop and expand programs

Anthony Rovern

Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine