Leo: Passion

Why podiatry? What advice would you give an undergraduate student interested in this profession? 

I grew up tied to a formative and curious zest for medicine. While my interests in sports and athletics battled for space within my inquisitive brain, it was my passion for the intricacies of anatomy, biology, and medicine that ultimately secured the dominant focus in my mind. Naturally, I have never once questioned my path until my college years, when new experiences put a specific passion into perspective and solidified my career goals. Through science and medicine, my passion eventually culminated in dreams of pursuing a career as a physician; but as in most aspects of life, plans change. I learned that being receptive to changing one’s plan is crucial to recognizing one’s potential. Despite my academic pursuits at CSUN, I valued the importance of participating in sports, particularly basketball. Endeavoring to emulate my favorite athlete—LeBron James—functioned as a respite to my demanding academic obligations. However, in a fleeting moment, my ability to engage in sports was snatched from my fingertips. After landing awkwardly following a rebound, I fractured three metatarsals in my left foot. While the ensuing damage left me hobbling on crutches for six weeks, I suffered more than mere bone fractures that day. The weeks following my injury were incredibly frustrating as my immobility prevented me from exercising and engaging in social activities—vital components to my overall health and wellbeing. My hero throughout this recovery period was Dr. DeSantis—a podiatrist who not only remedied my injury, but also bolstered my mental health. His passion for healing my body both physically and mentally brought me peace and reassurance. In turn, the medical transformation executed by Dr. DeSantis and his passion for helping patients left an indelible imprint on my career goals and helped unearth my interest in podiatry. While I had always been attracted to the healthcare field, Dr. DeSantis taught me that practicing podiatry could uniquely blend my passion for medicine, interest in sports, and motivation to provide tangible care to others.

his passion for helping patients left an indelible imprint on my career goals and helped unearth my interest in podiatry.

Speaking to an undergraduate student interested in this profession would allow me to explain the importance of our profession, and the rewards behind helping patients with foot and ankle problems. I would emphasize how a podiatric physician is involved with a patient for the full marathon, from diagnosis to treatment and recovery. In many cases, we develop relationships with patients that are thankful for your services. Next, I would explain how podiatric physicians deal with a wide scope of medicine, whether it’s the demographics involving age, or the treatment required. This is important to focus on, because it allows students to consider the versatility behind the field.

Leo Rostamian

Western University School of Podiatric Medicine