Caleb: Why podiatry?

Why podiatry? What advice would you give an undergraduate student interested in this profession? 

I believe in the saying that podiatry is the hidden gem in the world of healthcare. At the time of learning about the profession, it still wasn’t the first thing that came to mind when someone said the words “medical professional.” Podiatry was too new and too many questions accompanied my newfound understanding of this hidden career possibility. Why was I just learning about this at 23 years old? How can a single profession be so involved in the motion, vasculature, neurovasculature, dermatology, and biomechanics of a single part of the body? Why can’t they treat the hand too? This and many more questions made me start understanding why it was an interesting field to delve into, but it still seemed obscure and mysterious to engage in. 

Then my aunt, who is a medical practitioner, recommended I shadow the podiatrist she referred me to after a lower extremity injury from playing basketball. I came to find out this field is a gem that shouldn’t remain hidden. Why podiatry? Because I believe it offers a hidden world into medicine. A field that focuses all medical disciplines on a concentrated body part. This feeling is similar to the chronicles of Narnia, where I am entering into a world very familiar yet distant. 

I would recommend that an undergraduate student who is considering the profession first shadow a medical professional. This is where the magic really begins. This first gate will help them understand what the profession entails and the demands of the job. Then, I would research different forums that will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the profession from different perspectives around the country. And finally, if there is interest, apply! Being sure that the credentials are there, I found that those who have an interest after going through the first two suggest that they will be fit for this profession. 

Caleb Bayewu

Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, Class of 2023