BEST Podiatry Resources

🤷🏽‍♀️ If you were like us years back and searched up podiatry only to find scattered, minimal, and outdated SDN/Reddit posts, you’ll understand the significance of Hallux Magazine.

🤭In the history of podiatry, we never had a one-stop shop at which we could find something that was a genuine take on guiding us from exploring podiatric medicine, to excelling as a student, to prepping for life after.

💡 Dr. Rob de Los Santos dreamt up the idea early in his schooling in podiatric med school, and with the help of Dr. Elizabeth and Rafael by his side, was able to see his projects to fruition.

🦶🏼 has information about prepping for podiatry and how to apply, including podiatric medical student mentors who premeds can learn from.

🦶🏼 has information for podiatry students about externships, boards, interviews, and more.

🦶🏼 has articles mostly written by students for students through which premeds and underclassmen in podiatry can learn through experiences of their peers. It’s interactive and great resume-builders, because any podiatric medical student can send in articles, and many articles make it onto books that the physicians put together to sell on Amazon.

💰 100% of the proceeds go back to students in the form of creative scholarships, such as podiatry photo contests, writing contests, and more. This is important, because there are finally plenty of scholarships that are available for podiatric medical students.

👕 If writing or photography is not your passion, they also sell clothing wear related to podiatric medicine (and medicine in general), so you can support students in the field of podiatry while snagging some fun clothes. If you want to learn more about how to participate and meet the Dr., check out our interview with him!