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Hallux Magazine ™ is an online American magazine. The publication focuses on historic, personal, lifestyle, creative writing, news, and short stories. The magazine’s reader-base is high school students, college students, and pre-podiatry students. Hallux Magazine™ has taken a Fictional story approach in presenting its material while promoting education, service, and podiatric medicine. The online site was published in June 2018, created by Roberto De Los Santos DPM.

For Students. By Students. The Magazine With Podiatry Students in Mind.
Hallux Magazine™


For high school, college, and pre-podiatry students with relevant information, advice, and helpful step-by-step roadmap for the admission process for a student applying to podiatry school.

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A free website study guide review system that uses a simple question and answer method to help you learn while studying for externships, exams, and interviews.

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Animated Texts & Structures to Learn Clinical Skills Used in Podiatry. This website features relevant clinical examples, study material, visuals, images, and videos.

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Barry University School of podiatric Medicine, student helping

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No one is perfect. Part of medicine is also knowing your weakness. -Dr. Srinivas

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How would you go about improving access to healthcare in this country, especially to underserved communities? My story begins in a small hospital room, thousands […]

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