The very first steps we take in life bring happiness to those around us. Before achieving those memorable first steps, we need a round of guidance. Whether we have the edges of a coffee table to hold onto or parents who pick us upright when we fall, we still stumble back down. It takes practice to master the art of walking that slips through our consciousness. Even then, our biomechanics may be off.

For those who do decide to embark on the journey of becoming a medical professional, I have no hesitation in suggesting a career in podiatry.

-Payal Sethi

I have been volunteering my time to grasp as much knowledge as I can that I can apply to my career in podiatric medicine. I have helped promote churches and community healthcare organizations on issues ranging from diabetic self-care management to cardiovascular risks via health fairs and social media platforms. As a volunteer with the Grenada Health Aid Organization (GHAO) I helped to coordinate the Grenada Cares health program which seeks to remove health disparities in the NYC …