Leadership positions

Chief Editor 
Distributes incoming submitted articles to appropriate editors. Individual needs to be flexible and committed to answering emails weekly. In addition, be able to hold bi-monthly phone meetings with the advisor.  The chief editor has final say on what gets published.

Oversee’s all aspects of the articles submitted, from signing off ideas and photos, to making sure all content is accurate and on-brand. The editor has the first say on what gets published.

Media Manager 
Responsible for delivering the team’s articles directly to the audience on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.  Social media helps a magazine interact directly with its audience


Take useful pictures and submit them to our site. Images are soley your property, we just want to showcase your work with the podiatry community.

Contributing Writers
You do not need to apply! We encourage podiatry students, residents, and fellows to contribute to Hallux Magazine. We welcome articles of all topics and styles. We encourage you to research our website to enhance your style of article submission. Please visit our Submit an Article section to learn more.

Physicians interested in givinng advice to medical students should contact us directly at chief.halluxmag@gmail.com.

Guest Writers
Premedical students, prehealth students, and prepodiatry students interested in writing are invited to submit. Appropriate questions can be sent and answered by one of our editors and displayed in our online content.