“For Students By Students”

The publication focuses on historic, personal, lifestyle, creative writing, news, and short stories. The magazine’s reader-base is high school students, college students, and pre-podiatry students. Hallux Magazine™ has taken a story based approach in presenting its material while promoting education, service, and podiatric medicine.

The Magazine With Podiatry Students in Mind.

Hallux Magazine™


An online American magazine, “For Students, By Students” on the topics of Lifestyle, Health, & Podiatry Medicine.

Special Editions

Artisans: Dock Dockery DPM

Artisans: G. Dock Dockery DPM Interview by Roberto De Los Santos Born: 1946 Residence: Seattle, Washington Education: Ohio […]

Podiatry & Public Health

Public health is an interdisciplinary field who’s main goal is to prevent the spread of diseases in a […]

the residents: Vol 1

What is it like to be a Podiatry Resident? Podiatry is an ever-growing field with a growing number […]