Styles of Writting

  • Journalism
  • Photojournalism
  • Poetry
  • Creative Writing
  • Short Story

NOT Supported in our Magazine

  • Scientific Literature
  • Research and Scholarly Method
  • Blogger

This is a magazine that publishes the works of podiatry students and podiatry residents only. This is meant to provide a space where the voice of students with the creative drive to write is supported. Want to publish something you have learned or want to teach to other peers, high school students and college students this is the place for you!

Journalism – writing reports on the most current event after personally questioning, investigating, and compiling information. Report the facts in a proper context to seek the truth. The styles supported are interviews, sit down conversations, Question and Answer (Q&A), and special event documentation.

Photojournalism – the use of imagery in the form of photography or video for the presenting of news stories related to podiatry.  A short description of the photograph is included to express and define the image for readers.

Poetry – Rhyme, Rhythm, metrical, Haiku, Sonnet, narrative poetry, lyric poetry, epic poetry, satirical poetry, light poetry and slam poetry are supported in our online publication.

Creative Writing – Personal stories, Lifestyle guide, or report school news. We accept fictional works including novels, biographies, short stories, and poems.

Short Story – works of fiction that are educative and entertaining able to be read in a single sitting.

News – Write about your own personal experience after attending a service event, local gathering, or reflections of school involvement.

Scientific Literature – empirical, theoretical work in sciences (case studies, meta-analyses, reviews, cadaver studies, etc.). This is not a research peer-review journal with technical support. The Transfer of Copyright from author to the publisher is not within our legal limits. For proper placement please visit Podiatry Today, JAPMA, JAFAS, or other journals.

Research and Scholarly Method – write about your discoveries, ideas, and theories in a scientific context with supporting references are not supported in our publication. For proper placement please visit Podiatry Today or JAPMA.

Blogger – a person who regularly writes one viewpoint opinion for a blog.