Submission Agreement

Notice: This is a legal binding agreement. Please take the time to read over our terms and agreements below.

  1. I am the sole owner and author of the material.
  2. I request that you examine the material to have deemed appropriate for publishing and agree for you to examine it.
  3. I have the exclusive right and authority to submit under the conditions stated here summarized.
  4. I understand that you have the policy to refuse, accept, consider, or evaluate the material without establishing a pre-set agreement or relationship.
  5. I understand that you receive many submission from third-party writers like myself.
  6. I agree that I will not be entitled to any compensation.
  7. You agree that any copyrightable portion that was not obtained permission by the independent source you will pay or cause to be paid an amount comparable to compensation. If we are unable to agree or in the event of a dispute, the dispute shall be submitted to binding arbitration. Each party shall handle its own costs an fees to attorneys.
  8. I have retained one copy of the submitted material, I release you of all damage or liability to the copy. There is no obligation to return of the submitted material to me.
  9. I have read and understood this agreement, that no oral representation has been made to me. Any modification to this agreement must be in writing with both party signatures.
  10. I have reviewed the above material and agree to its terms.


This agreement is deemed accepted by Hallux