There are several interesting stories to be written about podiatry. We accept them all! Our Student Corner is open to all creative, news, journalistic, and poetic writing. This is a peer-reviewed publication magazine that accepts articles submitted from current podiatry students and podiatry residents in the U.S. and internationally.



  • Medical Mission Trips – Write about any podiatry related mission services aimed at helping local communities.
  • Medical Vacation – More and more patients are traveling outside the US to get surgeries and/or medical treatments performed due to the rise in medical expenses. For example, a $1,600 root canal here is $120 in Mexico.
  • The Future of Medical Technology
  • Current events in medicine


  • Maximize shadowing at the podiatry office
  • What to consider when applying for podiatry school,
    • applying for externships
    • applying for residencies
  • What residency directors are looking for in an application.
  • You are in Med School. What advice do you have to pre-podiatry students?
  • Politic questions during residency interviews
  • The difference between first year and third-year podiatry school
  • Things I should have known before starting 4th-year externships
  • How to shine during interviews
  • How volunteering helped my application process


  • How to approach the subspecialties in podiatry (wound care, sports med, pediatrics, trauma, etc.)
  • The financial struggle
  • Putting together your resume
  • Podiatrists vs orthopedics


  • Ways your thinking changed after becoming a doctor
  • How to manage stress during boards.
  • How to overcome medical school burnout
  • How to stay sane while entering boards.
  • Should a student take a gap year?

Q & A

  • From a medical school admission team
  • Follow up on your favorite podiatrist making an impact
  • Follow up on Dean’s of schools
  • Follow up on national podiatry association presidents, staff, or members


  • An open letter to their younger self
  • Anything relating to podiatry or medicine


  • Photojournalism or event pictures accepted. Description or short article is included for our readers to understand the photo setting.