There are several interesting stories to be written about podiatry. We accept them all! There are two places were a student can publish an article: on our Homepage or in our Student Corner section. The Homepage is dedicated to short stories that require a minimum of four (4) chapters to be considered for publication. Our Student Corner is open to all creative, news, journalistic, and poetic writing. This is a peer-reviewed publication magazine that accepts articles submitted from current podiatry students and podiatry residents in the U.S. and internationally.

Home Page


This is our current list of short stories that we are interested in. However, all short stories are welcome!

  • Artisans – A special edition biography segment; dedicated to gathering the timeline of retired podiatrists who have made an impact in our profession.  Qualifications: must be retired, attained a level of high honor (i.e. podiatry hall of fame), and must attain a unanimous vote by Hallux Magazine staff.
  • The Women of Podiatry – Interview 6-8 female podiatrists to answer the top questions that a young woman might have before entering the medical profession. When is the right time to get married? What’s a good time to have kids? What advise do you have to young women starting podiatry school? etc.
  • Dr. Tom Amberry – American podiatrist who is best known for holding the world record for most consecutive free throws made, having shot 2,750 of them in a row in a span of 12 hours in 1993. Died in Long Beach, CA.
  • The Schools – Compile a timeline history of one of the nine schools including its founding, notable alumni, unique history, and present-day news.
  • The Fellows – Interview 4 to 6 current or past fellowship trained podiatrists to gain an insight on pursuing that direction of education. Why did they choose that specific fellowship? What did they learn? What is their typical day look like? Did they visit may fellowships or where they set in one? What advise do they have to residents who are on the fence of doing a fellowship? etc.

Students Corner


  • Medical Mission Trips – Write about any podiatry related mission services aimed at helping local communities.
  • Medical Vacation – More and more patients are traveling outside the US to get surgeries and/or medical treatments performed due to the rise in medical expenses. For example, a $1,600 root canal here is $120 in Mexico.
  • The Future of Medical Technology
  • Current events in medicine


  • Maximize shadowing at the podiatry office
  • What to consider when applying for podiatry school,
    • applying for externships
    • applying for residencies
  • What residency directors are looking for in an application.
  • You are in Med School. What advice do you have to pre-podiatry students?
  • Politic questions during residency interviews
  • The difference between first year and third-year podiatry school
  • Things I should have known before starting 4th-year externships
  • How to shine during interviews
  • How volunteering helped my application process


  • How to approach the subspecialties in podiatry (wound care, sports med, pediatrics, trauma, etc.)
  • The financial struggle
  • Putting together your resume
  • Podiatrists vs orthopedics


  • Ways your thinking changed after becoming a doctor
  • How to manage stress during boards.
  • How to overcome medical school burnout
  • How to stay sane while entering boards.
  • Should a student take a gap year?

Q & A

  • From a medical school admission team
  • Follow up on your favorite podiatrist making an impact
  • Follow up on Dean’s of schools
  • Follow up on national podiatry association presidents, staff, or members


  • An open letter to their younger self
  • Anything relating to podiatry or medicine


  • Photojournalism or event pictures accepted. Description or short article is included for our readers to understand the photo setting.