It’s important to keep a positive mentality. Being a surgeon of any capacity is a commitment. Being a female surgeon comes with additional challenges making it even more of a commitment. 

-Dr. Millonig

I think the opportunities to get more involved and move into leadership roles are everywhere in podiatry.

- Dr. Schwartz

Those didactic years were difficult, and it is hard to imagine going through them again without the students who stepped up to encourage their peers, organize study resources, and remind everyone to not be afraid to ask for help.

No one is perfect. Part of medicine is also knowing your weakness.

-Dr. Srinivas

I think when I made the conscious decision to make my own health a priority things changed for the better.

-Dr. Sarah Haller

Shadowing was instrumental in educating me on what podiatry really is.

Tashfia Noor

For those who do decide to embark on the journey of becoming a medical professional, I have no hesitation in suggesting a career in podiatry.

-Payal Sethi

Exercise has done more for me than probably any other long-term habit has or ever will do.

-Natalie Leon

Prepare, prepare, prepare. From what I’ve seen on rotations and externships, a lot of students and residents are so busy all day and don’t give themselves time for a quick meal.

-Gina Palazi

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.

-Brad Praisley